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Ventilation Installation

Specialists in the installation of Ventilation Heat Recovery systems for all types of Commercial sites.

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Ventilation Installation Specialists

 At CapCool we specialise in the installation of Ventilation Heat Recovery systems for all types of Commercial sites.

Case Study – Yogarise

Yogarise is an urban yoga studio situated in Peckham, Streatham, and Covent Garden.

Challenges faced:

Sean, the Director of Yogarise, contacted us in an attempt to assist them in resolving their continuous problem with keeping their studios at a comfortable temperature.

Solution provided:

To overcome the difficulties, we delivered a system of fresh air ventilation and comfort cooling. We discovered that Daikin and Mitsubishi had the requirements to meet the needs of the clients, thus they would both be the most appropriate for the studios.

Process of Air Conditioning:

Each studio was given a separate Mitsubishi A/C cassette unit that we installed, equipped with controllers, and capable of maintaining a temperature range of 18 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Process of Ventilation:

As the studios did not have windows that would have allowed fresh air to circulate, we installed Daikin VAM Ventilation systems to keep the air fresh and the oxygen levels high. We installed in-line electric duct heaters to heat the air entering through the ventilation units since the air being brought in from the outside was cooler than the temperature being maintained.


Yogarise were extremely satisfied with the outcome because it created a welcoming atmosphere for both staff and customers. Following this, they contacted us for assistance in solving similar issues that they were experiencing at their other branches.

Benefits Of Ventilation Systems

The outdoor air quality isn’t getting any better and is often what we feel is doing us more harm than good. In reality, it is often the air that we breathe inside that is more polluted. A good ventilation system expels all the bad bacteria and dust and allows for fresh air to circulate. 

Air Regulation.

Having no control of the air flow in a building can mean that energy bills can become costly. This is why having a ventilation system in place can not only provide fresher, healthier air but also allow for more control on the energy costs by only using what is required. 

Stop Condensation.

Damp conditions and condensation are a few things that can cause long term health issues such as respiratory problems as well as allergic reactions. This is why it is important to have a good ventilation system which works to avoid mould building up. 

Reduce Temperatures.

Working in a space where there is a lot of heat produced can often lead to people feeling hot, stuffy and uncomfortable. Having a ventilated room not only makes it more comfortable but is also known to increase work productivity. 

Health Benefits.

A well ventilated area is beneficial in more ways than just providing a comfortable environment. It reduces the risk of long term health issues by providing fresher air while expelling all the bad bacteria.

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